I work with and help a range of independent businesses grow their brand identity with strong, beautiful imagery that SELLS. Whether you’re a coach looking to grow your personal brand, a stylist in need of more inspiring images to showcase your work on social media, or a creative launching a new product – you’ve come to the right place!

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hello I’m Philippa


My early career began in the consumer industry; retail and design. As a retail buyer for successful high street brands, I worked closely with designers, photographers, press, web and packaging departments.

I launched new brands and campaigns with multi million pound budgets, and saw product successes from initial concept and design through to selling on the shop floor.

Where it all started....

In 2012, I picked up my first pro camera and began assisting wedding photographers, learning through experience and self taught methods.

Four years later, I had grown my reputation and success as a photographer that I left my job in retail, taking all of that crucial commercial knowledge and experience with me on the consumer, branding, online imagery, packaging and sales.

The commercial side of my business, 'Shot by Philippa' was born in 2018, where I began to use all the skills from wedding photography and retail buying, to build a business where I could focus energy into creating beautiful visuals for independent businesses to elevate their own brands. I began working with Luxury Florists, Events Agencies, Event Producers and Beauty Giants to deliver beautiful brand imagery.

How it grew....

During the pandemic businesses had to work differently and I pivoted my skills more heavily into product photography for my clients, capturing luxe beauty mailers, and milestone planners that sell globally in the millions. 

Today I continue to offer all the commercial photography services that I have developed over the last 4 years and combined with my consumer retail history, I help my clients to develop a clear brand direction with High-End portfolio that’s more ‘them’ to clearly reach their target audience.

How It's Going!

Naomi - Grove Cottage

Her quality of work is excellent, with an amazing work ethic and commitment to what she does. There was such great communication before the shoot too so i felt very relaxed.


My approach to photography has always been relaxed but with clear vision. Whether you are looking for a personal brand shoot, portraits or product photography, you can be rest assured that a clear vision and brief is set before hand to go through all the finer details and requirements so I can better understand your brand and audience.

My values in business are to be authentic and clearly show that not only am I a pro in my field, but that I LOVE what I do. I want the same for your brand and business, which we will achieve with beautiful high-end imagery.

I believe that

your business can



Get To Know Me


I am totally obsessed with my two young children Eloise and Oxley. I love to explore and travel, South Africa is next on my list.
I splurge on skincare and have been cheating on fashion with interiors. Cat lady.

currently sustained by 


dream vacation 

THE MALDIVES + husband + CHILDFREE = One happy girl

on my nighstand 


always coveting

expensive wallpaper & flowers

on repeat 


LIFE values



not about 

no thank you


wet dreary weather & london traffic

last watched

stranger things (OMG!)

perfect Saturday

brunch and a facial

Nick - Your Perfect Day

We always feel confident in knowing that Philippa will capture our products perfectly. Since working with Philippa 4 years ago, we've expanded into 8 markets as a result of better imagery.

We've gone from selling only in the UK to selling Globally

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styled by jacqueline

The images Philippa took from my Personal Branding shoot enabled the brand, website and social media content to look polished and professional. She encapsulated my personality perfectly.

The best decision I've ever made for my business

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Philippa Sian

With a decade of experience photographing exquisite brands and events across the UK and Europe, you can trust Philippa to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, confidently manage large groups, capture candid moments with joy and authenticity and delivery High-End quality brand images.