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Beautiful printed products for you to proudly display your memories in your home

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I love photographs

 I’m talking about real photographs that you can touch, not photographs buried in a gallery on an electronic device. We live in such a digital age now that it’s so easy to forget about your photographs, which is why I believe that they deserve to be shown off.

Whether you want to treasure those special memories in gorgeous frames on your walls around your home or in beautiful bespoke albums, I have an exciting and luxury product list for you to choose from.

and so do my clients!

fine art wedding and lifestyle photographer based in London, covering uk & Destination weddings

I offer a selection of timeless Matted albums and modern Fine Art albums, all with personalised leather covers from eco UK supplier Folio.

Many couples invest in. an album straight after receiving their photographs but for others, an album is an additional investment to their wedding photography that they add on at a later date.

A lovely idea is to wait until your first year Wedding Anniversary and buy it as a gift to one another. After all, the first year of marriage is represented by paper gifts, so a wedding album could not be more perfect!

For those who don't want to wait, a 10% discount is to applied to all wedding photography bookings where an album is committed up front.

Couples also have the option of requesting gift vouchers from guests that they can put towards their wedding album.

Luxury Albums

Prints & Wall Art

I offer a really exciting and wide choice of framed prints and wall art that I have carefully hand picked myself. These products are printed and hand-crafted in the UK.

Beautiful framed prints that you can display in your home start from £225, modern wall art from £130 and lustre prints from £5.

If you would like to know more about the great products that I can offer you, whether its to frame some photographs of your children from a shoot you’ve had with me, or you’d like to frame one of your wedding photos, please get in touch.

Gift Vouchers make the PERFECT gift for any occasion and can be either for a set monetary value or for a specific photography shoot, for example a family shoot.

If you are a wedding client and you long for a gorgeous album to showcase the photographs from your amazing day, but this additional investment was never quite in your total wedding budget, then why not ask for guests to buy you gift vouchers as part of your gift list? That way, you may only need several generous guests before your album is completely paid for and you don’t have to wait until after the wedding to save up!

Gift vouchers are valid for 1 year after purchase. To buy gift vouchers, please get in touch.

Gift Vouchers


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